Super Computing with Rock Silo Hyper Expanse

Scale up your performance computing initiative with Rock Silo Hyper Expanse

On Premise, In the Rack, Or the Data Center Core

Rock Silo Data Company provides a new standard in performance and super computing with Hyper Expanse™ technology.  Hyper Expanse systems are designed with ultimate super computing in mind.  The Rock Silo platform is engineered to reduce or eliminate bottlenecks while providing reliable always on computing.

Flexible Workload, Storage, Compute, DevOps

Our hardware solutions are engineered and developed to meet real world needs while providing sustained and easy to justify ROI.  Hardware platforms are available with Hardened HW3 clustered web servers and deep learning AVSES Intelligent email security platforms included.  Accelerated virtual desktops for applications in bio science, engineering, contruction, oil & gas, and many other industries are able to leverage the performance computing capabilities of Hyper Expanse technology.

Rock Silo performance computing solutions are designed for efficiency, reliability, and performance.  Contact the Rock Silo Data Company sales team to get your solution engineered, built, and installed.