Max Hardware Solutions

Various Rock Silo performance computing and scale-up solutions


Rock Silo Data Company brings high performance hardware storage solutions to market with an array of primary applications.  Our hardware solutions are engineered and developed to meet real world needs while providing sustained and easy to justify ROI.  Hardware platforms are available with our Hardened HW3 web servers, AEVID and AVSES platforms included.  Accelerated application engineering and multi-node performance computing capabilities are available.

Performance computing hardware by Rock Silo Data Company includes performance workstations, special purpose appliances, and scale-up rack solutions.

Max hardware solutions are designed for efficiency, reliability, and performance.  Up to 106 Terabytes of storage are available in a single chasis providing cost effective storage to meet everyday needs in data availability.  Contact the Rock Silo Data Company sales team to get your solution engineered, built, and installed.


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