AEVID - Network Video and CCTV System leverages Artificial Intelligence and is dApp enabled

AEVID Network Video Recording and Visual Processing System is a good fit for any organization or facility that needs to ensure visual evidence, process documentation, rapid QR Code and Bar code processing, and other visual observance activities or automation.

Aevid systems are engineered and built to meet the needs of their deployment. 

The Aevid network video and CCTV system leverages AI accelerated by CPU and GPU processing.  The Aevid system is enterprise ready and integrates into any IP network.  Rock Silo offers network video including IP cameras, POE switches, and other items in a box kits that leverage the Aevid distributed network video platform.

Artificial Intelligence is employed to capture and alarm on motion events.  GPU acceleration is used to help drive image processing as well as advanced automatic filtering to ensure that valuable camera feed data is is prioritized and balanced with disk storage utilization.  Complete cloud backup and control from any device or place is available.  Aevid is a distributed network video system that is cloud interoperable.  Installations or locations with more than  100 UHD cameras generally require an on premise physical or virtual appliance.  If you have an IT department then this is the system they will want to use. Contact us for more information.

Please Contact Sales for AEVID Engineering