Rock Silo - Hardened WWW Servers - Commercial www/HTTP(s) Offerings

Commercial www/HTTP(s) Offerings

Rock Silo hardened web servers are delivered in fast easy to deploy virtual appliances.  Each of our hardened www products is engineered and supported by the Rock Silo team.  Security updates and patches are included and automatically installed from our secure update servers.  Rock Silo servers are SSL enforced port 443 systems with an easy to use interface for updating and installing your public key SSL certificates.  Systems are also out of the box optimized for SEO, Search Engine Optimization.  Also, available on our Rock Silo web platform is the Rock Silo CMS, content management system. 

The ability to host and manage multiple domains on separate or single IP addresses is built into the Rock Silo platform. Rock Silo HW3 systems can be used to host both internal web applications or public facing applications.  Web developers can leverage hardened MySQL and PHP components.


Features Include:

Enforced SSL

Search Engine Optimized

Rock Silo Support and Intelligent Security Framework

Rock Silo CMS (Content Management System)

Collaboration Platform

Secure Commerce, Shopping Cart

Cluster and Failover

BigPipe - Pipelining Performance for WWW*FB

Rock Ledger blockchain integration