Rock Silo - Intelligent Email Security, Content Filtering, and Intelligent Gateways

The AVSES multi-protocol machine learning engine by Rock Silo Data Company

AVSES - Multi Protocol machine learning systems and gateways

Artificial Intelligence depends on deep machine learning.  Rock Silo multi protocol content gateways are an engine that can be used to train and develop deep learning apps around.

The Rock Silo Edge Series includes intelligent email security solutions.  With over 20 years of real world applications in email security our AVSES platform can provide a crucial piece to any organization's security strategy.  

Rock Silo AVSES firewalls are built with robust, modern, and flexible configurations.  Out of the box configurations are easy to get going and come secure by default rather than open.  The AVSES artificial and cognitive intelligence engine is designed to protect against zero day vulnerabilities, while providing extremely low (1 in a million or better) false positives.  Administrators can actively control and tune the spam filter settings or choose to allow AVSES to learn based on our enhanced learning algorithms. 

AVSES firewalls provide enforced TLS encryption, offline smtp email spooling, rapid deployment options, and outbound email scanning.  The Rock Silo interface is secure and easy to use allowing system administrators to easily integrate email security where they need it.

Content Pipe-lining can be used to train and develop intelligent content gateways or machine learning applications.


Rock Silo cyber security platforms are ranked number 1.

The AVSES Machine learning gateway is enterprise ready.

Features of AVSES

Artificial Intelligence Engine

Zero Day Protection

Deep Anti-Virus and Malware Scanning

Policy Enforcement

Outbound Filtering

Corporate Footer Enforcement

Online Updates and AVSES AI Link

Mail Flow Sandbox

Performance Reporting

Hyperlink Protection

Easy to Apply Rule Templates

Custom Header Tagging and Spam Rankings

Domain/Server WhitelistinG

Custom Domain/Server Block Listing

Enforced TLS

Offline Mail Spooling

AI Teaming and Clustering

Secure Rock Silo Remote Support

Set in Rapid Deployment Capable

User Interface Branding

Content Pipe-lining and Machine Learning

Rock Ledger blockchain integration platform capable